Next Level Virtual Business Coaching.

For Ambitious Business Owners Who Want To Separate Themselves From The Crowd.

“Transform Your Business Into a High-Value Self-Managing Business Using Our Unique Next Level Virtual Business Coaching System.”

Unlimited Business Coaching is Included in the price.

Unlimited Business Coaching.

Everyone signing up will also get truly Unlimited Business Growth Coaching. You get unlimited access to me as your personal, one-on-one coach for three full months. These sessions are your chance to actually discuss how to implement something that you have seen in the videos.

Business Development Support.

Intensive learning sessions on the subjects you need to know in order to build a High-Value Self-Managing Business: You will benefit from our All Access Pass (check it out here).  Everything you’ll need to take your business to the Next Level, from decision-making skills to how to create a market-dominating position for your business. Success comes from knowing the right things to be doing.

Helping You Build a Better Business

Here’s what a good Business coach / Mentor should do?

Having a business coach/mentor isn’t a luxury you don’t need, it is a necessity your business must-have. The role of the business coach is to help business owners to improve their business through guidance, support, and encouragement. With the rate that the business environment is changing at the moment, it can sometimes be very hard to stay ahead of the game. Business is becoming more and more competitive, and it is getting harder and harder to set your business apart from the competition. All whilst growing a business at the same time!

Here’s How We Help You Get To The Next Level.

Business Development Support.

Intensive learning sessions, with 12 months of unlimited access. Every week you will receive access to a learning session on a chosen business topic. Everything you’ll need to take your business to the Next Level, from decision-making skills to how to create a market-dominating position for your business.

Business Coaching.

Everyone signing up will also get truly Unlimited Business Growth Coaching. You get faster, better business-building results because you get unlimited access to me as your personal, one-on-one coach. If you’re interested in getting faster and better results in your small business, then this is for you.

Support Package

Got a thorny problem that you need outside expert help with. Just drop us an email and we’ll respond within 1 working day. You can send as many emails you want per month for the 12 months you have access to our system. There is no limit to the support we can give you.

Don’t Let the Complexities of Your Business Burden You Any Longer.

Ok so you’ve got so far, either you’ve done it completely on your own or you’ve had a little assistance. But to really move to the next level you need to start thinking and doing next-level actions. This is why we’ve developed a new level in our virtual business coaching system. It’s specifically designed for business owners who want to move to the next level, they may have already done some business learning and got to a certain level but now are looking to move up.

Here are just some of what you get with our Next Level business coaching programme…

Three whole months of Unlimited Business Growth Coaching (worth $1800).

So What Is Unlimited Business Growth Coaching?

Simple. It’s business growth coaching in 15-minute increments, without the chit-chat and “how’s the weather” stuff, where we focus on getting you to take the next step toward your business goals.

After completing a short business diagnostics, we schedule our first call, the “get to know you” session, it’s 30 minutes. That’s so I can get to know you well enough to guide you effectively. We’ll identify your big goals, and the action steps you’ll need to take to reach them. We’ll also uncover hidden obstacles so we can overcome them with our eyes open.

Each subsequent session is 15 minutes. On each call, we will work toward your goals and come up with tasks that we agree on (we both must agree on the tasks, I won’t go crazy and give you too many).  After each call, I send you an email with a link to the recording of our call,  a list of your tasks, and a link to schedule our next call. You can, of course, have as many sessions as you want during the 2 months we’re together.

There are rules, of course:

  1. You will get an email with a link to my calendar to schedule your first coaching session (the first session is 30 minutes instead of 15 so that I can get to know you better).
  1. You must complete the Business diagnostics questionnaire before the first session. (Click Here to See the Questionnaire)
  1. On the first call, we will identify your goals, what technology you are using, and come up with tasks/next steps that we agree on.
  1. Then you can set up your first 15-minute call. You must have completed the agreed tasks before you schedule the next call.
  1. After each call, I will send you an email with a link to the recording of our call, your task list, and a link to schedule your next call.
Intensive Online Business Development Training Sessions

This is a unique opportunity to get immediate access to all our courses/workshops and all the associated business-building resources.

As well as future courses/workshops and their resources for a one-off payment. A significant saving when compared to buying all the individual courses (Currently you will save at least $434 when compared to buying the courses/workshops individually).

Access To Our Unique Commitment System

Virtual Business Coach

Building a successful business is about getting ‘stuff done’, it’s no good just watching and reading without taking action. Our commitment system is designed is about holding yourself accountable. Each week you’re going to make a commitment to get something done before the next session. This doesn’t have to be a big thing but it does have to be something that moves your business forward. Progress is often made in baby steps rather than large strides.

12 Months of ongoing Email support

Not only will you get all the valuable content during your time with our virtual business coaching, but you’ll get to ask us any questions you have about Building a Better Business. We’ll be available if you want to ask something privately, it may be about decision making or negotiating, it may be about your numbers, whatever you like. You will be able to send up to 3 emails a month during your 12-month membership of our Next Level Virtual Business Coaching and we’ll review your questions and give you our thoughts and tips.

Access to our Step By Step Strategies

Step By Step Guide to using persuasionOur Step by step strategies is aimed at helping business owners implement quickly and efficiently strategies that can help them accelerate their growth and achieve the aims they’ve set themselves. Simply take one of the 23* strategies and implement them.

Your total investment for all of this $3625 + Value is an incredibly smart investment of ONLY $1297 (A stunning 65 % discount).

Extra Bonus for the next 30 days.

“The Build A Better Business Instruction manual (Vol. 2)”.

The “Build a Better Business Instruction Manual” is the perfect accompaniment to our Virtual Business Coaching programme.  This is a physical manual comprising some 200 pages. Covering each of the topics we discuss in our programme, with plenty of room for taking notes. This is a great addition to Vol.1.

This normally sells for $199 but for those purchasing our programme in the next 30 days, this will be posted to your address for FREE.


Virtual Business Coaching 2.0

Offer ends in...








Don’t take my word for it…here’s what others said.

“John delivered well structured and insightful content, that, even as a long-standing business owner with a marketing background, I had never come across before. I came away with the ‘why’, and crucially, the ‘how to do it’, along with sufficient motivation from John’s delivery to actually get on with it.”

Jo D, Hessle

Business Owner

“I took up a business development programme with John over a month ago.  I find John’s programme ticks all my boxes to growing my business!  John’s understanding of what people in business need and his delivery of the programme is ‘spot on’! I have developed a healthier business-focused attitude to ‘GET STUFF DONE’ and this is surely the right direction for me!  I would recommend John Olivant to anyone in business.”

Kevin G

Business Owner

“I have already implemented some of the techniques we discussed and guess what they Work !!, now looking at every area of my business with fresh eyes so thanks again John.”

Terry, Hull

Business Owner

Here’s a summary of everything you’ll get when you invest in our Next Level Business Coaching!!

Everything you’ll need to know to build a successful business.
  • E’learning sessions
  • Access to our step by step strategies
  • Business book summaries
  • E’learning workbooks
Building a successful business is about getting ‘stuff done’.
  • Access to our unique commitment system.
  • Email reminders of your commitments on a weekly basis.
  • Ongoing access for 12 months.
  • Comes as a PDF for you to print out as a reminder.
A business coach isn’t a luxury you don’t need, it is a necessity your business must-have.
  • Unlimited business coaching for a whole 3 months, helping you with the direction of your business.
  • Ongoing Email support and direction for 12 months.
  • No limit to the number of support emails

Your total investment for all of this $3673 + Value is an incredibly smart investment of ONLY $1297 (A stunning 65 % discount).

Just hit the button and you’ll get access immediately.


So Why Choose Next Level Business Coaching?

You’ll get all of the benefits of ‘normal business coaching’ but with added benefits:-

  • Unlimited Business Coaching and Mentoring, for three whole months, as many sessions as you want. Which means that we won’t hold you back you can go as fast as you want.
  • Access to world-class business education, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to build a world-class business.
  • Access to world-class business growth tools, you’ll never have to struggle to do things as you’ll have all the necessary tools to enable you to grow.

Guarantee:    We’re so confident that you’ll get awesome value and benefit from the eight weeks that you spend benefiting from our ‘Next Level virtual business coaching’ that we back it with our 100% Happiness Guarantee. Put simply – if at the end of the eight weeks you’re not delighted with the training we’ve given you to improve your business, then just tell us and we’ll refund every penny of your money. There is a small caveat, you must have watched at least eight sessions and completed at least one of the commitment forms for each session.



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